Menlo Security: What Security Measures Should I Practice in 2021?

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What security measures should organisations practice in 2021? Well, one is certainly Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA). Based on the Zero Trust security model, it has become a new normal for cybersecurity. The perimeterless detect and prevent approach is widely regarded as the solution for 100% email and web security because it considers all traffic to be potentially dangerous and isolates it. Although arguably only in its prime, Zero Trust has enabled organisations to have near-complete remote work security. 

Emerging Trends in Zero Trust

Joining Chris Steffen, Research Director at Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), to talk about the emerging trends and future of Zero Trust is Eric Schwake, Sr. Manager of Cybersecurity Strategy at Menlo Security. Eric sets out by exploring the true meaning of Zero Trust, before looking at why many organisations are implementing it. Following talking points include the relationship between Zero Trust architecture, remote working, and the Secure Acces Service Edge (SASE) maze, plus best practices for decreasing ransomware attack frequency.

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