Findability Sciences: Why Should We Be Using Wide Data for AI?

Published on
01/04/2022 02:44 PM

The current state of wide data is that it is not as widely used for Artificial Intelligence as it is for analytics. While analytics needs a treasure trove of historical data, AI merely needs a variety of big data. 

And big data needs AI, too. It’s the most efficient and effective way for organisations to optimise their processes and identify their audiences.

But how can we use machine learning practices and AI to tackle critical business challenges?

In this 3 part EM360 Podcast series with Findability Sciences we have previously discussed 'What Big Data Discussions Ignore' In Episode 1. In this second episode, we are joined once again by the Founder and CEO Anand Mahurkar to talk about: 

  • The relationship between wide data, learning and machine learning
  • Critical business challenges when it comes to AI mimicking a more human process
  • Why we should be using wide data for AI

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