Findability Sciences: What Big Data Discussions Ignore

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If you have worked with big data, you will know which two themes continue to crop up in every big data discussion: volume and velocity. The current status of big data is that it is not as widely used for Artificial Intelligence (AI) as it is for analytics. With analytics, you need historic data. However, for AI you do not need the same substantial amount of existing data to make your AI use-case successful. What big data needs is variety. This is what can lead your organisation to successfully utilise AI data as a part of your company. 

What big data needs is AI: it can help your business optimise, analyse, and identify audiences

On this first episode of a 3-part EM360 Podcast series with Findability Sciences, we are joined by Anand Mahurkar, the company's Founder and CEO. Anand lays the groundwork for looking at the current state of big data in terms of how the industry is currently approaching it and whether they are looking at it the right way.

Topics covered in this podcast include:

  • The current structure of big data and how volume and velocity play a role 
  • How variety and veracity feed into big data
  • The introduction of wide data and how it compares to big data 
  • The approach organisations should be taking when looking to adopt wide data and the challenges that are likely to emerge 

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