Bugcrowd: Using Crowdsourcing to Detect Critical Vulnerabilities

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Can you use the crowdsourcing security model to effectively detect critical vulnerabilities? Can you really protect your data by sharing it with ethical security hackers? The answer is yes. From the analysis of open-source coding to checking other computer software to ensure your security, trusting your crowd is paramount to receiving the support you need. Additionally, ethical security hackers, or ‘White-hats’, can find the vulnerabilities in your digital structure to allow you to solve cybersecurity threat issues within your company. 

Using crowdsourcing to detect critical vulnerabilities is one of the best ways to ensure protection from threats

In this podcast episode, Richard Stiennon, Chief Research Analyst at IT-Harvest, speaks with Casey Ellis, Founder, Chairman, and Chief Technology Officer at Bugcrowd, about hacker culture and crowdsourcing critical vulnerabilities. Focusing especially on the human elements and the benefits of industries opening up to these methods, Richard and Casey explore: 

  • The current state of crowdsourcing vulnerability discovery 
  • Why crowdsourcing is a better alternative than code scanning/fuzzing
  • Who should look at crowdsourcing vulnerability discovery and what should they be aware of when starting on the journey
  • The benefits of keeping young smart hackers on the right track and implementing proper skill development and rewards for the cybersecurity industry 
  • How the conversation of ROI relating to crowdsourcing critical vulnerabilities can open up the industry to their vulnerabilities in a positive way

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