Beyond Identity: Password Security Check: Is MFA Still Effective?

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Password security check solutions - are they reliable? This topic crops up in security leader debates every year. Despite the presence of passwordless authentication, it seems that many businesses just can't shake the habit of relying on a string of arbitrary characters for access and security. Common misconceptions about passwordless authentication play into this culture, but it's time for everyone to know the truth. 

Debunking the Myths of Passwordless Authentication

Joining us to clear passwordless authentication of any myths and discuss its value, benefits, and role in the modern enterprise is Jasson Casey, CTO at Beyond Identity. In his exploration, Jasson explains the current state of passwordless authentication, looking at the death of passwords, the pros and cons of password managers and multi-factor authentication, and the short and long term business benefits of implementing passwordless authentication today. He also shares advice on which modern remote access threats organisations need to be most aware of and details the relationship between device trust, authentication, and Zero Trust. Case study examples of how Beyond Identity has helped companies to solve their password security problems with its own cloud-native passwordless identity platform is used to demonstrate passwordless authentication's effectiveness.

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