Blackberry: Can Corporations Use AI for Cybersecurity?


AI for cybersecurity has played a huge role in prevention and protection. AI has been used to spot cyber threats, malicious activities, and malware. The technology runs pattern recognition and checks for potential ransomware attacks. 

AI for Cybersecurity Protects and Defends Data

Joining The Next Phase of Cybersecurity Podcast for the first in a three-part Blacberry series to discuss how using AI for cybersecurity has supported the prevention of harmful cyberattacks is Dr Eric Cole, Founder and CEO of Secure Anchor Consulting, and Eric Milam, VP Research and Intelligence at Blackberry. The two experts examine: 

  • The biggest threats facing organisations today
  • AI as the 'holy grail' of cybersecurity
  • Why standalone cybersecurity solutions are not working
  • The unique qualities that enable AI to detect and prevent different types of attacks 
  • How AI can provide effective security