ActionIQ: How the Data-Driven Revolution is Impacting CX

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The data-driven revolution has enabled brands to achieve true customer centricity — but only if they have the right data analysis and experience orchestration capabilities. 

Whether creating a single customer view, generating predictive insights, or orchestrating seamless omnichannel experiences, organisations must work to make sure their customer data is accurate, accessible, and actionable.

The data-driven revolution is transforming the customer experience

Hosting this episode of the EM360 Podcast is Susan Walsh, Founder, and MD of The Classification Guru. Joining her is the Head of Martech Strategy at ActionIQ, James Meyers, who will be sharing his insight on the data-driven revolution and its growing impact on the customer journey and customer experience (CX) as a whole.

With an ever-growing number of competitors entering the market, it's vital for businesses to grow and retain their customer relationships by ensuring they have a polished, data-driven CX strategy. Tune in to learn about:

  • Why siloed data continues to be one of the biggest pain points, for organisations looking to create seamless CX

  • The types of valuable insights marketers can obtain if their company's data is de-siloed

  • Use cases of customer data platforms and how they're helping to power CX strategies today

  • Decisions organisations face when choosing between building a CPD in-house or licensing from a vendor

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