Zoho: The Importance of Strong Analytics and AI

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The extent to which an organization is data-driven has a direct impact on the bottom line and, subsequently, business revenues. Companies, then, need to ensure that they are prioritizing data and analytics, using them to inform their decisions, and that involves having strong Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools in place too.

Joining us to unpack this in detail and lend his expertise is LSP, Business Executive and Analytics Guru at Zoho. Firstly, LSP gives us an overview of how AI and analytics significantly contribute to business success. He then goes into the specifics and discusses the pivotal role of data literacy and democratization, before explaining the evolution of Business Intelligence (BI). What's more, LSP advises how enterprises should go about encouraging and empowering their employees to get more hands-on with data, especially if it's not typically their purview. Finally, he explores AI's place in the BI space with regards to data preparation and the use cases of embedded analytics.

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