Zero Networks: The Problem with VPNs

Published on
13/02/2024 03:47 PM
zero networks

It seems like VPN products are consistently the initial access vectors for ransomware groups and targetted attacks. 

This was demonstrated in the recent Ivanti Connect Secure zero-day vulnerabilities, as well as Cisco when they admitted last year that Akira Ransomware was specifically targeting their VPNs.

But what is the real problem with VPNs - and are they vulnerable by design? How do they fit into wider security architectures and strategies? 

In this episode of the EM360 Podcast, Analyst Richard Stiennon speaks to Benny Lakunishok, Co-Founder and CEO of Zero Networks, to discuss:

  • The problem with VPNs
  • ‘Insecure by default’?
  • ZTNA and remote access solutions

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