Thales: Adopting the Shared Security Management Model

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Shared security, also known as shared responsibility, is a cloud security management model that describes the distribution of enterprise data security management and accountability between a company and its cloud service provider(s). The framework essentially enables improved productivity and unparalleled agility, so why isn't every organisation adopting it?

Following on from the first episode of an exclusive three-part cybersecurity podcast series featuring Thales and our host Dr. Eric Cole, Founder and CEO of Secure Anchor Consulting, this second episode explores adopting shared security as best practice. Dr. Eric speaks with Chris Martin, IAM Presales Solution Architect for EMEA at Thales. Chris kicks off the podcast by delving into the main areas of organisational risk concerning cloud migration and vendor native decisions before shedding light on the limitations of a single service provider. The industry experts then discuss the shared security model - i.e. its benefits and the implementation process. Final thoughts centre on what organisations need to understand about control over all users and effectively build a best practice shared security strategy.

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