Phishlabs: Social media as a threat channel

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Social media offers an important outline for people of all ages and walks of life to connect, share life experiences and post pictures of their breakfast.

But oversharing - or not being wary of impostors - can lead to serious compromises in personal and professional security. 

In a press release on the report's findings, Phishlabs “enterprises must broaden their line of defense [in 2022,] starting with strong, cross-channel monitoring, and building relationships with technology providers in new areas.” 

“Fraud-related attacks made up almost half of all social media threats in 2021”

In this episode of the EM360 podcast, Head of Content Max Kurton talks to John LaCour, Founder & CTO of Phishlabs and Principal Strategist at parent company HelpSystems, about: 

  • Where the concept of ‘social media as a threat channel’ comes from and what it concerns
  • What the first steps towards the mitigation of social media threats look like and the route companies need to take
  • How enterprises can turn social media into an actionable intelligence channel

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