NHS and the Power of Data in Improving the Client/Patient Experience

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How is the UK’s National Health Service using the power of data to improve the client/patient experience?

Digital transformation has been a key part of the NHS’ plans to revolutionise and optimise the point of care - and a big part of that has been their new electronic document management system custom-built for the UK’s publicly funded healthcare organisation. 

But how has the NHS’ digital transformation journey led them to where they are today? How far away from their paperless goals, and what are the benefits of that change? And how do these improvements to the tech stack ultimately result in better care for patients?

On this episode of the EM360 Podcast, Head of Content Matt Harris is joined by Mary Cahill, Head of Medical Records at London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust and Sarah Arrowsmith, Medical Records Manager at Kettering General Hospital, to discuss:

  • The NHS’ digital transformation journey
  • How they’re moving to a paperless future
  • Data challenges specific to the healthcare industry

Mizaic is revolutionising the clinician/patient experience at the point of care, with an Electronic Document Management System built for the NHS, by a team that has worked in the NHS. Currently working with 21 Trusts across the UK – including London North West University Healthcare and Kettering General Hospital – and already home to more than one billion images, Mizaic’s mission is to supercharge the NHS through digital patient medical records. 

With MediViewer, clinicians can unlock the power of searchable, indexable and holistic medical records for instant access from anywhere, at any time, driving cost savings, accelerating information insights and joining the dots for Trusts across the country.

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