How can Businesses Fortify the 5G Edge Against new Cyber Threats?


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The explosion of 5G has resulted in organisations having more efficient signalling for Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices, faster connectivity speeds, and greater network performance. 

However, the use of 5G has also opened the door to new potential threats and vulnerabilities such as DDOS attacks on 5G service interfaces and cyberattacks on the IoT ecosystem, which has led to zero-day exploits and software tampering. 

So, as 5G grows in use, what can organisations do to protect themselves against such attacks? 

In this EM360 podcast, Content Producer Matt Harris talks to Sunil Ravi, Chief Security Architect at Versa Networks, to discuss:

  • The new threats that organisations are exposed to due to 5G such as zero-day exploits, DDOS attacks and lateral movements in 5G networks. 
  • Why the telecommunications industry does not take security seriously when it comes to 5G networks and how this mindset can change. 
  • How organisations can strike a balance between security and optimal networking performance. 

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