Guardz: Empower MSPs to Secure & Insure Small Businesses

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Today, small businesses face significant challenges. Limited resources, tight budgets, time constraints, and inadequate training often leave them vulnerable. Hackers quickly exploit these weaknesses, targeting small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with sophisticated threats. 

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are tasked with the daunting responsibility of safeguarding diverse client environments, each with its own unique set of platforms and security needs. Traditional security measures often fall short against the ever-evolving tactics of cyber adversaries, putting both MSPs and their clients at risk. The next generation of cybersecurity detection and response solutions offers a path forward. Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, these advanced tools can predict, identify, and mitigate threats in real time. This provides robust protection against the most sophisticated cyber threats.

By adopting cutting-edge technologies like Guardz, MSPs can enhance their security posture, ensuring comprehensive protection for their clients and staying ahead of cyber adversaries. Guardz's advanced capabilities simplify the complexities of cybersecurity, making it accessible and effective even for SMBs with limited resources.

In this episode of the EM360 Podcast, Richard Stiennon, Chief Research Analyst at IT-Harvest, speaks to Dor Eisner, CEO and Co-founder of Guardz, to discuss:

  • MSPs
  • Security Infrastructure 
  • AI in security infrastructure
  • Next-generation cybersecurity


00:00 - Introduction and Background of Guardz

02:36 - Challenges for MSPs in Cybersecurity

05:25 - The Unified Approach and Automation in Guards

07:18 - Guardz' Focus on MSPs and Small Businesses

08:14 - The Power of AI in Enhancing Guards' Offering

11:30 - The Impact of Guards on the MSP Space

13:21 - Securing Small Businesses and Compliance

18:07 - Marketing Support and Bringing Business to MSPs

19:02 - Conclusion and Call to Action

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