Gigamon & Riverbed: Maintaining visibility and security as you move to the cloud

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Many organisations are rapidly increasing their cloud migration strategy, but they need to be mindful of avoiding any unnecessary risks. Before organisations even begin on this journey, they need to lay out a roadmap of visibility and security to reduce errors and maintain complete control over the data as they move to the cloud.

In this podcast, Chris Steffen speaks to Shehzad Merchant, CTO at Gigamon, and Vincent Berk, Chief Security Architect at Riverbed. They begin by exploring the key elements business leaders should consider as they move their enterprise from the data center to the cloud. Next, they focus on the differences between moving data center capacity to the cloud and companies shifting to SaaS services. Also, they look at common mistakes around security and monitoring cloud-based services for performance. Finally, they outline how organisations can handle all of the applications and infrastructures that are running in the cloud and how to focus their budget effectively.

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