Digital Transformation and Attack Surface Management

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Attack surface management (ASM) is a top priority for CIOs, CTOs, security teams, and a whole hub of digital defenders today. Deriving from 'attack surface', the IT and information security solution is all about protecting the multiple, potential entrance points that cybercriminals can infiltrate and exploit. The recent acceleration of digital transformation in the enterprise has resulted in a mass expansion of the attack surface. With more areas to attack, business leaders and IT-security professionals are having to react and respond with new and improved ASM innovations. 

In this podcast, Chris Steffen, Research Director at Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), and Dr. Matt Kraning, CTO at Palo Alto Networks, sit down to discuss digital transformation and ASM. The pair explore how ASM technologies have changed and advanced over the last few years (including the source of the change), before drawing on research from the 2021 Cortex Xpanse Attack Surface Threat Report to illustrate the state of the attack surface today and its role within an attacker’s repertoire. Dr. Matt also delves into the 'ASM epiphany', how customers measure ASM effectiveness, and why Mean Time to Inventory is so critical. To end, Chris and Dr. Matt share their thoughts on the future of ASM and enterprise best practices for attack surface management.

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