Cinchy: Who Does Dataware Work For?

Published on
22/02/2022 11:17 AM

Dataware is applicable to all types of industries. From construction to healthcare, government to retail, dataware allows organisations to collaborate, rather than integrate, their data. The systems have universal application to any organisation that is siloing their data and needs to build this pillar of business intelligence into their business.

Implementing dataware shifts your data handling from integration to collaboration 

In the third and final episode of EM360's 3-part podcast series with Cinchy, Dan DeMers, Co-Founder and CEO at Cinchy, rejoins our host Scott Taylor, Principle Consultant at MetaMeta Consulting. After looking at ‘The Problem with Data Integration' in the first episode and how we can move forward by analysing ‘The Present and Future of Data’ to find a solution, the pair explore real-world examples to put the previous two discussions into context. 

Points of conversation include: 

  • Brief recaps of the last two episodes, covering issues around integration and actioning it in an organisation 
  • The impact of dataware on organisations - i.e. various departments and business processes
  • How the use of dataware enables a universal approach to solving data accessibility, allowing users to see, change, and create data and have total control over private and sensitive data across all applications
  • Primary use cases that get value out of dataware, namely the '360 experience', data platforms, and the data hub
  • Customer stories where dataware has been actioned in organisations, looking at the challenges faced and the positive impact it had on the company as a whole 


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