Beyond Identity: CIAM and Hitting a Balance Between Security and Customer Friction

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CIAM enables organisations to securely capture and manage customer identity and profile data, as well as control customer access to certain applications and services. 

Usually providing a variety of features including customer registration, self-service account management, and 2FA/MFA, the best CIAM solutions ensure a secure and seamless customer experience. 

But how can enterprises hit a balance between security and customer friction?

In the first of two EM360 analyst podcasts with Beyond Identity, Chief Research Analyst at IT-HarvestRichard Stiennon speaks to Jing Gu, Senior Product Marketing Manager, about:

  • The role CIAM plays when it comes to managing end-user activities
  • An overview of the three core friction areas organisations are facing 
  • CIAM's relationship with unphishable and phishable MFA

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