Astera: Adopting AI-Driven Document Processing and Data Extraction

Published on
07/03/2024 11:38 AM
astera podcast

Intelligent document processing (IDP) is a technology-driven approach that automates document processing and extraction of valuable information.

While handling structured data is considerably straightforward, processing and analyzing unstructured data is laborious. IDP equips users with the ability to process a multitude of document types, including PDFs, spreadsheets, and Word documents, among others. 

IDP platforms offer a powerful solution that streamlines data extraction from these documents by eliminating the need for any manual intervention. The extracted data, when integrated, enables you to make reliable decisions and improve business efficiency.

In this episode of the EM360 Podcast, Analyst Christina Stathopoulos speaks to Jay Mishra, COO at Astera, to discuss:

  • Traditional document processing and the problems it causes
  • AI-powered solutions
  • The future of document processing and data extraction

Find out more about Astera’s unified, no-code data management platform here.

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