Preventing Account Takeovers in Cloud Applications

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Recent research shows that 86% of security leaders today do not have the tools they need to effectively prevent account takeovers. Organizations today are using more cloud applications than ever, and with the interconnected nature of the cloud, entry into one application can result in lateral movement to others—making the time to a breach faster than ever before. So how do we detect compromised accounts before it's too late?

Abnormal Security is expanding beyond email to provide full account takeover protection for some of today's most used applications: Salesforce, Dropbox, Workday, AWS, Azure and more. By understanding cross-platform human behavior, Abnormal AI can detect anomalous activity—remediating compromised accounts no matter where or how they originate.

In this episode of the EM360 Podcast, Mick Leach, Field CISO at Abnormal Security, speaks to Jeremy Strozer, Director, Agile U Strategies and Communications, to discuss:

  • Organizational application usage
  • Account takeover concerns
  • Security team limitations
  • Visibility and controls
  • Account takeover remediation



00:00 - Introduction

00:59 - Definition and Occurrence of Account Takeovers

05:33 - Exploiting Trusted Relationships

09:43 - Leveraging AI and Behavioral-Based Detection

12:29 - API Integration and Visibility

14:53 - Customized Models for Each Organization

20:25 - Future of Account Security

22:43 - Conclusion

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