The Future of Communication: Jon Arnold’s Industry Predictions for 2024

Published on
20/12/2023 09:33 AM
jon arnold

Jon Arnold is the Principal of J Arnold & Associates, an independent analyst providing thought leadership and go-to-market counsel with a focus on the business-level impact of communications technologies on digital transformation.

A legendary voice in the communications community, Jon joins Head of Content Matt Harris on the EM360 Podcast today to give his predictions for the next 12 months and beyond.

They discuss:

  • The dominance of Teams
  • Generative AIs place in the communications ecosystem
  • Is it time to look past UCaaS?



Discussing the Dominance of Microsoft Teams (01:03 - 02:11):

  • Matt and John reflect on the dominance of Microsoft Teams in the enterprise communication space.
  • John highlights the effectiveness of Microsoft Teams' strategy, making it challenging for competitors to displace them.
  • The industry has adapted to Teams' dominance, shaping the reality of enterprise communication.

Pace of Technological Change and Innovation (02:11 - 03:43):

  • The discussion shifts to the rapid pace of technological change and innovation in the enterprise tech space.
  • Major vendors, including Microsoft Teams, Cisco, Ring, Zoom, and Via, are engaged in an arms race, introducing features at a fast pace.
  • John expresses the need for a balance, hoping for a slower pace in 2024 to allow the market to absorb and benefit from innovations.

Generative Ai and Its Impact (03:43 - 06:09):

  • The conversation delves into the ubiquitous trend of generative AI in 2023 and its profound impact on enterprise tech.
  • John acknowledges the automation potential of AI, emphasizing its ability to streamline workflows.
  • Concerns are raised about the speed of AI adoption, with a call for responsible AI practices, transparency, and awareness of ethical considerations.

Challenges and Opportunities with Ai (06:09 - 08:55):

  • John discusses the challenges and opportunities presented by AI, particularly in the context of enterprise communications.
  • The potential of AI to automate tasks is highlighted, but caution is advised regarding overreliance and the importance of maintaining critical thinking in processes.
  • Looking ahead to 2024, discussions about responsible AI, transparency, and the role of vendors in building trust emerge.

Digital Natives and the Changing Landscape (08:55 - 11:02):

  • The conversation shifts to the influence of digital natives in the evolving landscape of enterprise communications.
  • The role of younger generations in decision-making and their trust in technology are discussed.
  • The potential integration of AI into hybrid work policies is explored, with AI aiding remote collaboration and meeting summaries.

Evolution Beyond Ucas and Communications as a Service (11:02 - 14:40):

  • The discussion explores the changing dynamics of UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) and the emergence of new trends.
  • UCaaS is considered saturated in some segments of the market, with a focus on incorporating CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) and CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) to address different problem sets.
  • The potential rise of the metaverse and immersive experiences in 2024 is predicted.

Looking Forward to 2024 and Advice for Companies (14:40 - 17:33):

  • Anticipating the trends of 2024, discussions include the potential growth of immersive use cases and the metaverse in enterprise communication.
  • Matt seeks advice for companies feeling overwhelmed with communication strategies going into the new year.
  • John recommends hiring individuals with a gamer mentality, emphasizing a strategic and holistic view of digital transformation.

Closing Thoughts and Where to Find John Arnold (17:33 - 18:27):

  • Matt and John reflect on the importance of maintaining focus amidst the noise in the market.
  • John shares his final thoughts and advice for companies undergoing digital transformation.
  • Information on where to find John Arnold's contributions, including the EM360Tech website, his personal website (, LinkedIn, and his monthly podcast and newsletter.


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