Protecting Yourself from DNS Vulnerabilities


As we continue to explore the world of cybersecurity, new technologies allow for new means of protection; new methods that allow us to get even closer to the source of our adversaries and prevent them from compromising our organisations. The problem with this is that most adversaries do not remain stationary; in fact, they develop just as fast our own methodologies do. 

Recently, it was reported that 100 million devices have recently been affected by NAME:WRECK DNS vulnerabilities. In a world where we have to be more anticipatory than ever before, protecting your DNS vulnerabilities is not only an essential component to being agile but it's actually imperative to having a remotely safe environment.

In this week's episode of Tech Chat, our very own Max Kurton speaks to Daniel dos Santos, research manager at Forescout Research Labs, about some of the key findings from their latest NAME:WRECK report.