Falcon Endpoint Protection by CrowdStrike

What would you prefer? A simple anti-virus or a 6 tiered protective network? You almost certainly want the latter. Using Falcon Endpoint Protection can help you to protect your systems through realtime technology. This means it simplifies and improves your security, gives you better protection, prevents silent failure, elevates your detection and response, outsmarts your adversaries and furthermore prepares you before an attack can occur. One of the most impressive innovations!

Phishing and Content Protection by Lookout

25% of employees are tricked into clicking links during phishing tests. These mistakes are almost impossible to avoid in any company. Similarly, it is easy to bring about a threat on mobile. Lookout uses AI in order to detect phishing kits as they are built and is constantly learning about the new kinds of threats in the industry.

SIEM by RSA Security

Providing clear visibility seems like an important thing for users that are looking to protect their company. Because of this, it is important to go for a company that provides unparalleled visibility. While other threat detection can be generic and complicated, RSA's is unified and provides complete transparency.

Firewall Analyser by ManageEngine

The problem with your average firewall is that we know it’s working but how do we see the full details of it? The Firewall analyser by ManageEngine uses log-analytics and configuration management software to detail security risks. As a result, ManageEngine has created a system that certainly keeps us secure. 

Enterprise Manager by BlackRidge Technology

Looking to consolidate security policies, event maintenance, logs, key management and event maintenance on one console? The Enterprise Manager by BlackRidge is the tool for you! Unified, simple, secure. It's perfect!

DataVisor by DataVisor

Rather than relying on old-fashioned technology, DataVisor sets its own path. Using adaptive machine learning and advanced analytics, DataVisor provides real-time fraud analytics and insights for businesses to take action. Want to see the latest trends in security breaches? Check out DataVisor!

Privileged Access Management by Bomgar

We had a chance to speak to Chris Clarkson, Senior Solutions Engineer at Bomgar, when we were at IP Expo. He ran us through the specifics of privileged access management. Remote access pathways into organisations are prime targets and as a result need to be secured. By controlling credentials and also ensuring productivity, Bomgar provides a secure and user-friendly experience for all employees.

Secure Managed File Transfer by HelpSystems

Want to send over a file to your colleague? What are the dangers? What viruses might you be sending? First of all, you might be compromising the security of your company. Furthermore, you could be damaging your colleague's system. With HelpSystem's Secure Managed File Transfer, you will be able to transfer files while protecting your data from adversaries.

Unified Access Management by OneLogin

I, like most people, get sick of the unnecessary hassle that comes with access management in the modern world. I should probably be able to access my information in an easier way, surely? OneLogin has the answer. While it still has the beauties of multi-factor authentication, adaptive authentication and mobile identity, it also has the beautify of being unified. This is certainly one of the most impressive innovations in cybersecurity history.

Next-Gen Firewall by Sophos

How can we protect ourselves from the dangerous world of the adversary? Sophos's Next-Gen Firewall allows companies to detect threats early on. While we are probably used to using firewalls, this product takes things to the next level.

By exposing the hidden risks, stopping unknown threats and isolating infected systems, Sophos has created a fully protected infrastructure.