Why does your organisation need a cloud monitoring strategy?


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Cloud has firmly asserted itself as a means to rev up the enterprise. Especially in light of digital transformation shifts across every industry, cloud promises businesses the flexibility and efficiency they need to stay afloat. Unsurprisingly then, Flexera found that a staggering 94% of technical professionals the company surveyed were using cloud services.

However, simply investing in cloud services is only half of the journey. Organisations must ensure they are executing their cloud strategies well and in a way that is future-proof.

Hence: cloud monitoring. Pretty much what it says on the tin, cloud monitoring allows businesses to closely observe their cloud services. This means keeping an eye on speed, availability, and response times across their cloud infrastructure. Through frequent review, companies can minimise disruption, mitigate risks, and ensure ongoing optimal performance by getting a head start on any issues. In other words, cloud monitoring can give companies some peace of mind!

How does cloud monitoring work, exactly?

Cloud monitoring uses various application monitoring tools to review and observe cloud-based applications. These tools may come as part of the cloud provider's service, or you can take advantage use Software-as-a-Service tools. Both can offer insight into the performance of your cloud services, as well as bolster your all-important cloud security.

The continuous observation that monitoring offers means that it can identify any unusual activity that may indicate, for example, a data breach. By reporting this back to you, you can act instantaneously to investigate and rectify the vulnerability. Side note: to really take advantage of this functionality, you should consider monitoring solutions that are automated.

By keeping you on top of performance and security, businesses have the upper-hand in minimising damage and downtime. As a result, companies can take comfort in keeping their assets and customers safer, as well as deliver a consistently good customer experience. In turn, organisations can enjoy better customer retention and consequently generate more revenue.

Furthermore, cloud monitoring allows organisations to see what's working and what isn't. Businesses are gravitating towards the cloud now more than ever, meaning it's never a bad idea to continuously fine-tune your cloud services and strategy.

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