Cato Networks: What is SASE and how does it support Network transformation?

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SASE combines network security functions with WAN capabilities to support the dynamic secure access needs of organisations. This package of technologies is able to identify sensitive data or malware and the ability to decrypt content with continuous monitoring of sessions for risk and trust levels. Shamus McGillicuddy, Vice President at Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) and Dave Greenfield, Secure Networking Evangelist at Cato Networks explore this further in this podcast.

Dave explains how SASE supports network transformation and how to evaluate the correct solution. He clearly breaks this process down to actionable insights:

  • How to differentiate between convergence and integration and how that difference impacts network operations and security
  • Examples of the differences when managing SASE and non-SASE infrastructures.
  • Why cloud-native global distribution is important and how CIOs can help to future-proof their networks.

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