Forward Networks: Understanding Formal Network Verification

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Forward Networks: Formal Network Verification

The majority of large networks have become challenging to manage due to a large number of complexities built-in. It can be hard to have an up to date handle on whether a network is doing its job effectively. Organisations can resolve these issues by defining network and security checks to make sure it is in the expected condition. Also, this will enable organisations to make sure their network is in alignment with the intended policies and to make sure there aren't any latency errors that could surface in the future and cause any risk.

In this podcast, Shamus McGillicuddy speaks to Gary Kinghorn, Director of Business Development at Forward Networks. Firstly, Gary outlines how network verification is different from other tools that enterprises use to model and manage their networks. Next, he details some use cases and business benefits enterprises can gain from their use of formal network verification. Finally, Gary explains the types of integrations organisations should implement and how to use a solution effectively.

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