How can companies benefit from integrating their security tools?

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It is no secret that cybersecurity teams are facing a challenging time. Firstly, there is the shortage of talent, with many organisations resorting to stretching their staff out to the limit. As well as this, much time has to be spent on mundane, repetitive tasks. Then, of course, there is the sheer volume of threats to be concerned about.

This has led to many companies looking for solutions to alleviate the stresses associated with carrying out cybersecurity tasks. Help will usually lie in the hands of incident response tools, which heighten defence in such environments. However, these have since paved the way for a new type of tool within this category: security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR).

Automation and orchestration

SOAR platforms are a combination of security orchestration and automation, security incident response platforms, and threat intelligence platforms. This alleviates the need to switch between multiple systems.

Also, by automating certain tasks, companies can reallocate the precious time and resources to work more efficiently. Further to this, SOAR platforms reduce the mean times to detect and respond. In turn, companies remedy alerts more quickly.

Introducing Swimlane

Swimlane's SOAR platform integrates security tools for better incident response and threat management. It also presents all relevant data in one platform, giving companies the luxury of responding to threats more quickly.

Swimlane also recognises the slow and repetitive tasks that security teams have to carry out. In response to this, the platform automates such activities, allowing security teams to focus their attention elsewhere.

As well as the above, the platform can track enterprise security tasks and gives companies centralised access to manage cases, reports, dashboards, and metrics.

Above all, Swimlane is quick to adapt to company needs and can also be customised to meet them further. In addition to this, the platform promises maximum efficiency, return on investment, and to make protecting your business much easier.

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