What is the best way to heighten unified communications security?


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Unified communications (UC) is driving connectivity among organisations and their customers. However, the landscape becomes increasingly digital, it also creates lots cybersecurity hotspots for attackers to take advantage of.

In particular, the mix of disparate technologies greatly contributes to the heightened threats. While unified communications is innovating through different communications components, it is unfortunately increasing the attack surface area for malicious actors.

Organisations can fall victim to toll fraud attacks, call hijackers, and reconnaissance attacks, just to name a few. Thus, organisations should consider upping the ante on their cybersecurity, now more than ever.

Session border controllers

Communications infrastructures are, though not as obvious, still targets for attacks. Now, with voice over internet protocol being part and parcel of the UC space today, it makes for a great place to start.

Your organisation should consider taking advantage of session border controllers, if you haven't done already. This network element can control the signalling and media streams in your organisation's interactive communications. In particular, it keeps your SIP sessions protected as they move between endpoints, secure or otherwise.

It can also help translate between incompatible signalling messages and sessions, ensuring it matches the recipient's requirements. Furthermore, session border controllers help you mitigate the risk of malware. As it controls your traffic, it ensures that only what you want gets through, and not malware/viruses.

Another bonus of session border controllers is that it can help you combat SIP fraud in real time. More specifically, it can alert you via email or text in real time, giving you the best possible chance to take action immediately. Not only that, but with session border controllers, you can authenticate endpoints and encrypt calls.

Either way, session border controllers enable interoperability among your communication components. In doing so, you can enjoy heightened and smoother security. This shows that session border controllers are ideal for a future-proof solution, given the increasing complexity and number of components per organisation today.

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