Menlo Security: Secure Remote Working Practices

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The need to adapt corporate IT systems to support more flexible working is not new. The response of businesses to these trends over the last two decades has been on a spectrum from highly supportive – as much flexibility as possible – to highly conservative – the risks are too great. These risks, that have held many businesses back, include the loss of control over what employees are doing and who they are interacting with, to the danger of corporate and controlled personal data getting into the wrong hands. Since the forced lockdown even the most conservative businesses have recognised the benefits of homeworking for both employees and employers.

In this podcast, Bob Tarzey speaks to Kowsik Guruswamy, Chief Technology Officer at Menlo Security about the challenges related to remote working and the technology options available to support it. Kowsik explains the main risks that arise with increased home working especially for businesses who have not adopted it previously. He also explains how homeworkers can have an experience that is as secure as office workers. Finally, he outlines how to improve performance and security for home workers.

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