Maintaining total visibility and control over company data

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Ease of access to data plays an integral part of any organization. However, if the data becomes compromised it can have a catastrophic effect on a company's success.

A recent whitepaper from Egnyte details their approach to data access and how it is shared by different users.

Secure Deployment Issues

Enterprise data security revolves around understanding how to classify information correctly. Each piece of information an organization produces needs classification, according to its security and privacy needs. The best and most recent example of this was when GDPR was introduced around PII forcing all businesses to change their data access practices. However, consumer-oriented solutions that businesses have implemented do not have built-in controls to mitigate the risks.

Data Access Security

The paper mentions “most of the security threats today are a result of compromised user credentials."
This doesn't just come down to poor password choice, unauthorized users can still find ways to access company data. This is normally achieved by piggy-backing on the user's computer while they are logged into the platform. Organizations need to be looking at solutions that are purpose-built to their needs, allowing them complete control over how their data can be accessed. This needs to be attainable by users inside and outside the organization across multiple devices without putting data at risk.

What is the solution?

Egnyte Connect wants to give enterprises the control they need and their users convenience. They also deliver end-to-end data protection needed to enable companies to adhere to compliance and security requirements. The whitepaper outlines “this protection includes storage, physical, transmission, network, and data security capabilities, as well as access, device, and operational controls."
Using multiple deployment options, with cloud and hybrid solutions, Egnyte looks to provide the flexibility and control needed to address the security, compliance, and collaboration needs for data access To find out more about the Egnyte Connect solution, take a look at the full whitepaper. 

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