Why do organisations need vulnerability management?


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Vulnerability management is an odd term, but an appropriate reflection of enterprise structures today. The makeup of modern businesses will always encompass vulnerabilities, namely (but not only) through software. From browsers to web applications, your software could be home to dangerous vulnerabilities. Thus, your teams must act quickly to seal off these weaknesses and ensure your security is watertight – otherwise, you can pretty much guarantee an attack.

Vulnerability management helps organisations identify, rectify, and report weaknesses in system configuration settings and software. Often, these vulnerabilities go unnoticed by standard cybersecurity measures, such as firewalls. Thus, a management solution is imperative to work alongside your other security measures to close off any potential gaps in protection.

Many businesses today will have new systems coming and going and make frequent changes to said systems, all of which could introduce new vulnerabilities. In turn, having a management process in place provides organisations with a proactive approach to reducing their attack surface.

So what should you be looking for in your vulnerability management solution? One of our favourite offerings on the market is that of Kenna Security. This company envisions a world where "enterprises can manage current and future cyber risks across the global attack surface." Their commitment to their mission is evident through their best-in-class offering.

In particular, their revolutionary solution is powered by their unique technology that leverages real world exploit data and predictive modelling. In turn, your teams are aware of every vulnerability and how risky each one is. As a result, your security teams can focus on the most pressing vulnerabilities, while also enjoying the peace of mind the solution delivers.

How does Kenna Security work?

One of the platform's main pillars is data-driven prioritisation. Using a powerful combination of 15+ threat intelligence feeds, over 2 billion managed vulnerabilities, and global attack telemetry, security teams have the confidence of knowing they are always fully aware and fully up to speed.

However, the platform is about more than just the 'now'. Its predictive modelling capabilities allows organisations to look to the future. In particular, this offering will forecast exploits and risk of vulnerabilities the moment they appear. Better still, it boasts 94% accuracy, making it a valuable lifeline for your organisation's security.

What is particularly impressive is how Kenna Security leaves no stone unturned. Notably, it investigates attack data "from the wild" through harvesting external data. This is collated from hacker forums, exploit kit directories, and real-time exploitations across the world. Kenna Security will then calculate risk scores for every vulnerability and asset to keep your teams as informed as possible.

Offerings such as that of Kenna Security's counteract the increasingly rife threat landscape by ensuring businesses can stay one step ahead of the bad guys. For cybersecurity teams, much of the stress and frustration stems from trying to combat the unknown. Fortunately, Kenna Security gets them 'in the know' and give teams the confidence they need to carry out the battle.

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