Sixgill: Automated Protection Against Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures

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Sixgill: Automated Protection Against Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures

Attacks have become part and parcel of an organisation's lifespan. However, in most cases, this is the result of the attacker being able to exploit a weakness in the organisation. Thus, organisations must do what they can to understand their vulnerabilities and their impact. But understanding and reporting common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs) are rigorous tasks. Therefore, companies may benefit from using tools to increase automation and reduce manual procedures.

In this podcast, freelance IT industry analyst Bob Tarzey speaks with Benjamin Preminger, Senior Cyber Threat Intelligence Specialist at Sixgill. Benjamin begins by outlining the differences between common vulnerabilities and exposures, and demonstrates the rate at which they are reported. He also shares his thoughts on the MITRE database and the inadequacies in their scoring. As well as this, Benjamin explores why a dynamic CVE scoring will make the patching process more manageable for security professionals.

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