How should you secure your business’s digital transformation?


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Digital transformation is considered to be crucial to the survival of businesses today. As well as helping companies keep pace, digital transformation will accelerate innovation while delivering better business opportunities.

However, it's somewhat a double-edged sword, as the more digital a business, the larger their attack surface. In turn, it creates numerous opportunities for cyber attackers to sink their teeth into. With so many of them on the hunt for data, it's important that organisations lock theirs up and hide the encryption key.

A digital transformation with vulnerabilities renders the entire effort useless, as the damage of, say, a data breach, can be irreparable. Thus, organisations must embark on a cybersecurity journey in parallel with their transformation journey to get their business as watertight as possible.

Of course, it can be pretty deflating for organisations which are raring to go with their digital efforts. However, many would be pleased to learn that they could in fact leave securing their digital transformation to the experts.

There are numerous cybersecurity offerings out there that can sit at the heart of their digital transformation efforts. In particular, we wanted to share the offering by Thales Group. This company has an all-encompassing suite of digital security solutions to ensure you have all bases covered.

Securing your transformation with Thales

With Thales, concerns surrounding cybersecurity will no longer eclipse the excitement of your digital transformation journey. The company's data security platform is just what your organisation needs for cybersecurity peace of mind.

The Thales platform harnesses encryption, advanced key management, tokenisation, and HSM solutions to protect your data, no matter the environment. This includes structured and unstructured data, as well as data at rest, in motion, and in use across all devices and environments. All the while, it enables your organisation to maintain business agility and scale to new requirements.

Thales has a comprehensive portfolio of digital transformation solutions to address your every need, including:

  • Multi-cloud data security solutions
  • Database security and encryption
  • Software container security
  • A secure payments solution

Thales also has a broad range of customers across different industries. From finance, to government, to manufacturing, to technology, Thales can cater for businesses whatever their type or background.

Thales customers will quickly be able to channel their focus on their digital transformation with the assurance that the Thales solutions are taking care of the security aspect. In turn, businesses can speed up their journey reach their digital transformation goals quicker, with confidence.

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