Panaseer: Continuous Controls Monitoring for Cybersecurity

Published on
16/12/2019 11:15 AM

The cybersecurity industry has significantly evolved over the last few decades. The fact that there is simply more of everything is a huge contributor to this. This includes more technologies, more people, more data sets, and so on. However, the threat landscape has also changed and become more complex. This has ultimately led to cybersecurity having to be at the forefront of enterprise risk agendas.

In this podcast, Dr Andrew Aken speaks with Nik Whitfield, CEO and Founder at Panaseer. Nik lends his expertise on establishing a cyber infrastructure. As well as this, Nik delves into the challenges that often confront organisations when trying to gain visibility into their cybersecurity controls and metrics. Finally, he discusses the pressing issue that is the cybersecurity skills gap.

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