What does next-generation endpoint security bring to the table?


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They say that practice makes perfect, but in the cybersecurity arena, it's difficult to get it right when what you're up against is always evolving. Today's threat landscape is more complex than ever before, keeping enterprises not only at their toes, but for many, at the end of their tether.

However, businesses aren't at a total loss. As threats increase in sophistication, so do cybersecurity solutions. In particular, next-generation endpoint security helps organisations tackle threats in today's increasingly digital environment.

Modern-day malware necessitates a modern day solution, which is what next-gen endpoint security provides. Legacy antivirus no longer makes the cut, but you can think of next-gen endpoint security as an extension of this. Antivirus will always be a staple of security – you know, for the more entry-level attackers! For next-gen endpoint security, it envelopes legacy antivirus and gives it an upgrade.

Key differentiators

What sets next-gen endpoint security aside from its traditional counterparts is machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence. ML in particular makes next-gen endpoint security a great fit for today; as threats evolve, the ML will continue to learn and evolve with it too.

Next-gen endpoint security also combines threat intelligence and behavioural analysis to outsmart attackers. It builds its threat intelligence through its ML capabilities in a bid to determine whether a file is malicious. In terms of behavioural analysis, next-gen endpoint security can pick up on any activity that's out of the ordinary.

With powerful technologies under its belt, next-gen endpoint security enables the detection of malware earlier than legacy systems allow.

See more with Sophos

A great example of next-gen endpoint protection is the Sophos offering. To deliver the best possible prevention, detection, and response, it comes with a portfolio of top-class features and capabilities. For prevention, you can take advantage of heuristic evaluation, emulation, and sandboxing, among much more. In terms of detection, it leverages advanced technologies like network behaviour analysis and exploit detection. Its response capabilities allow you to take action quickly through automated malware removal, suspect component identification, and more.

Experts hold Sophos in high regard, made even more concrete by its position as a Leader in Endpoint Protection Platforms as per Gartner's Magic Quadrant. Furthermore, we here at EM360 believe Sophos makes the perfect, all-encompassing solution to put the modern enterprises' minds at ease.

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