Capsule8: Securing the DevOps Process

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Capsule8: Securing the DevOps Process

The advent of DevOps was hailed as a means to have all aspects of application deployment handled by one single team. Quicker updating of applications and better accountability of developers were among the many advantages of DevOps. However, over time, concerns surrounding security have begun to arise. Many feel that security should be more of a priority for DevOps teams.

In this podcast, freelance IT industry analyst Bob Tarzey speaks with Kelly Shortridge, VP of Product Strategy at Capsule8. Kelly outlines the DevOps process and how it affects IT security. As well as this, she advises on the tools that DevOps teams can benefit from. She also demonstrates how the ‘DevSecOps’ approach can help organisations meet compliance obligations. Finally, Kelly delves into Linux deployment and filling the gaps it comes with.

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