Blackberry Cylance: Threat Detection, Prevention, and Response

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Blackberry Cylance: Threat Detection, Prevention, and Response

Cybersecurity is an unrelenting matter for organisations, and no organisation is truly immune. In particular, the threat that cyber risks pose to business is an increasing concern for IT departments and senior management alike. Thus, it is becoming increasingly important to consider how best to mitigate these risks.

In this podcast, freelance IT industry analyst Bob Tarzey speaks with Brian Robison, Chief Evangelist at Blackberry Cylance. Brian begins by sharing his thoughts on how to prevent cyber attacks. In particular, he details Blackberry Cylance's approach of utilising computing power and AI to build a predictive model. Also, Brian outlines the role that data plays in cyber defence. Finally, Brian explains why he believes that investing in cybersecurity can provide a return for businesses.

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