WhiteSource: Application Security in the age of DevSecOps

Published on
30/07/2020 11:02 AM

The advent of DevOps was hailed as a means to have all aspects of application deployment handled by one single team. However, over time, concerns surrounding security have begun to arise. Many feel that security should be more of a priority for Development & DevOps teams, particularly in regard to applications. On the one hand, apps are a modern necessity to drive business success. However, on the other hand, they come with a host of security problems that need special attention, necessitating DevSecOps in turn.

Joining us to lend his expertise on this matter is Jeff Martin, Senior Director of Product at WhiteSource. Firstly, Jeff explains whose responsibility AppSec actually is and how organisations ultimately create DevSecOps. He then demonstrates what the typical ‘DevSecOps’ workflow should look like. Finally, he outlines the benefits of open source tools and how important security procedures are for businesses and their DevOps efforts.