Swimlane: Understanding the current state of SOAR and its future

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Manual incident response processes, insufficient workflows and difficulty hiring security personnel leave security operations teams struggling to keep up with the growing volume of alerts. SOAR solutions combine automated data gathering, security automation, case management and analytics to provide organisations the ability to speed up the incident response process.

In this podcast, Bob Tarzey speaks with Cody Cornell, Co-founder and CEO at Swimlane, a U.S. based independent SOAR solution provider. Cody introduces how businesses are adopting SOAR tools and explains the ease in which they are deployed. He also provides some use cases for the type of workflows that SOAR enables that were previously hard to achieve. Finally, Cody details how different sized enterprises can access and use SOAR effectively and how he sees Swimlane evolving and contributing to the industry over the coming years.

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