ManageEngine: The role of ITSM in ensuring effective engagement with remote workers

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Supporting remote workers is not a new requirement. However, government-mandated home working requirements has meant even the most conservative of businesses have had to overcome the challenges of supporting remote home workers. The majority of organisations rely on their IT staff to support effective remote working. For a smooth transition, mini-IT deployments must be installed, managed, and secured for every home worker. Achieving this requires the extension of IT service management systems (ITSMs) well beyond their traditional scope. To be competitive all businesses need to ensure their IT staff can support effective remote working.

In this podcast, Bob Tarzey speaks with Prem Maheswaran, Senior Product Expert at ManageEngine. Prem explains how ITSM systems have had to adapt to help with the current surge in home working. He also explains the role ITSM plays in co-ordinating new hire activity across an organisation. Also, Prem outlines how to maintain company culture for new hires and how to safely take over user devices. Finally, he speaks about MangeEngine’s ITSM product set and how it can help tackle the challenges of remote working.

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