IDEE: Why are digital Identities essential for the success of online retail?

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IDEE is a German cybersecurity company that enables businesses to seamlessly, privately and securely interact with their users. With IDEE's Digital Identity Exchange Solution, retailers increase conversion by providing their customers with the ability to sign up and checkout by simply unlocking their smartphones. With IDEE, online shoppers have a true one-click shopping experience, while retailers benefit from a future-proof solution that makes the customer journey more secure than any other comparable solution on the market, thanks to the elimination of passwords and associated security gaps.

IDEE's ecosystem leverages the user's smartphone, cryptography and blockchain technology to create digital identities that users can exchange, businesses can trust, and hackers cannot steal. Businesses can integrate IDEE's SDK and API into their systems within hours. For this innovative solution, IDEE won multiple awards including the prestigious “Innovationspreis des Deutschen Handels”. For more information visit

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