RSA: Building resiliency through disruption

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As businesses become more complex it opens up numerous issues that need to be accounted for including business processes, critical business and IT functions, and third-party relationships. These factors can be hard to coordinate across departments and this lack of visibility makes it difficult to prove and report that continuity and recovery plans are in place and will work as intended. Resiliency programs allow for a proactive approach in order to address and mitigate resiliency risk to your organisation. Resiliency requires building processes and technologies that naturally adapt to adverse conditions, make mid-course corrections, and avoid any negative impacts of disruption.

In this podcast, Ben Tuckwell, UK District Director at RSA Security talks about building business resiliency. To begin with, Ben explains how organisations can ensure they have optimal business continuity and processes in place. Furthermore, he explains how organisations should approach a business impact analysis to understand what is happening. Also, Ben outlines how to monitor third party ecosystems to manage related security, access, compliance, and resiliency risks. Finally, he talks about how to conduct risk assessments for understanding a vendor’s residual risk and reducing it.

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