Endgame Part 1: How Endpoint Security Got To Now?

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With organizations poised to spend more than $5B+ on endpoint security software this year, it raises the question: What should enterprises be asking from security vendors, and how can they parse signal from all the marketing noise? In this three-part podcast series, hosted by freelance analyst Bob Tarzey, he speaks to Ian McShane who as a former Gartner analyst focuses on the endpoint security market. Ian McShane has written extensively about the failure of antivirus vendors to defend against modern attacks, and the marketing hype surrounding “next-gen” antivirus. Part 1 – How Endpoint Security Got To Now In this podcast, Bob Tarzey talks to VP and endpoint security expert from Endgame, Ian McShane. They discuss the history of endpoint security, the failings of signature-based anti-virus and how it is integral for all organizations. Like this podcast? Check out the previous episode!

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