A Competitive Advantage in an Omnichannel Age

Published on
12/12/2019 12:48 PM

Today, customers have access to all your competitors at a click of a button and tap of a screen. Even when they’re standing in front of the shelf in the store, they can be comparing prices and features on mobile.

This means bringing products to market as fast as possible and catching them in that purchasing micro-moment – is your competitive advantage in an omnichannel age. Using the right Product Information Management (PIM) tool increases speed to market from days or weeks to just a few hours, therefore making products purchasable much faster. The more opportunities you have to offer customers a relevant product when they’re searching means the more revenue you generate. As a result, the more loyalty you build. Highlights of this whitepaper:

  1. Capitalise on the Micro-Moments - From industrial machinery to haute couture, brands are devoting valuable resources to content marketing. And with good reason.
  2. Scalable Systems & Processes: The Key to Volume and Speed - This means you need systems and processes that help teams collaborate more efficiently. And also, free up resources to focus on adding value.
  3. A Central Source of Product Information - Having a central repository of product information, one that reads information from the backend and enables a parallel enrichment process
  4. Tell a more Effective product Story with the Same Resources - When information is dispersed and teams work in silos, speed to market becomes more complicated and as a result, takes much longer.
  5. More Exposure means More Revenue - The faster you get that story to the customer, the more opportunities you have to generate revenue from it.

inRiver is the market leader for simplifying Product Information Management (PIM). Multi-channel commerce professionals are able to visually manage their product information.  Brands around the world rely on inRiver’s PIM platform for efficiently controlling the product flow for their globally recognised brands.