Synack: The 2020 State of compliance and security testing report

Published on
10/09/2020 05:13 PM

Learn from 311 organizations across a diverse set of industries about how you can take control of your compliance goals without burdening your own team. The findings explain how today’s top organizations view security, implement compliance testing, and where your security practices have room to grow.

It is critical that your organization's compliance and security testing is fit for today’s digital environment and fast-paced development cadence. In order to achieve security that goes beyond the typical minimum compliance expectation, your organization will need effective, efficient and continuous methods.

In the 2020 State of Compliance and Security Testing Report, you will learn:

  • The most effective and efficient methodologies used for compliance and security testing, and how crowdsourced testing is expected to be used by 60% of organizations by 2022
  • Why 44% of respondents are performing testing monthly or more frequently (above the minimum annual or quarterly compliance expectation) and moving toward a continuous model
  • Common use cases for using external vendors such as identifying vulnerabilities, code releases, and meeting the requirements for regular testing