Parlamind: Case Study Gewinnarena – Digital Customer Dialogue For Sweepstakes Platform

Published on
15/04/2020 02:46 PM

Ever wondered how to achieve more engagement, shorter first response time and better user experience in your customer care? Learn more about parlamind Automated Customer Service Solutions for GEWINNARENA!

Parlamind delivers higher visibility of FAQ and better user experience through automatic answering of visitor enquiries for GEWINNARENA.

GEWINNARENA is the online sweepstakes platform of ProSieben, SAT.1, kabel eins, sixx, SAT.1 Gold and ProSieben MAXX.

For GEWINNARENA, ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE intended to increase the visibility of the FAQ area and provide an interactive service to answer questions automatically.

For engaging users at all times the intelligent dialogue solution “Vicky” by parlamind was introduced to the platform for answering user queries. Chatbot Vicky provides visitors with answers to multiple questions around the clock and significantly supports the service staff in querying and processing subscriber data.

The permanent presence of the chat solution Vicky increases the visibility of the FAQ and users get immediate answers to their questions at any time. In this way, the user experience customer satisfaction are optimised while increasing conversion at the same time.