Intelligent World: Become a Data Scientist: 8 Things You Need to Know

Published on
17/01/2022 03:03 PM

Data science careers are very lucrative and present numerous opportunities for people who are interested in data and artificial intelligence. Data science is a field of study with a high annual salary ($95K - $165K) that will bring people job security for years to come due to its high demand across numerous industries. 

If you are looking to pursue a career as a data scientist, here are some things that you will need to learn first:

  1. Data Acquisition: This involves extracting data from numerous sources, integrating and transforming data into a universal format, and loading data into a data warehouse. 
  2. Data Preparation: Data scientists spend a great deal of data focusing on data preparation, including data cleaning, data integration to ensure data accuracy, and data reduction. 
  3. Data Mining: Data mining extracts useful knowledge from data and is used for predicting future trends, understanding customer patterns, and improving business decision-making. 
  4. Model Building: As a data scientist, you will need to build algorithms using techniques such as supervised learning, like decision trees and random forest, and unsupervised learning such as clustering.
  5. Visualization and Communication: Tools like Tableau, Qlikview, and Power BI help data scientists create dashboards that communicate business findings in a simple and effective manner. 
  6. Programming: Depending on the specific job role and function, data scientists need to understand and use programming languages, such as Python, JavaScript, or Anaconda. 
  7. Types of Data Science Careers: There are a lot of options for data science careers depending on your interests, skills, and responsibilities, including data analyst, machine learning engineer, deep learning engineer, or data engineer. 
  8. Certifications: Certifications can help IT professionals earn 5% to 10% more money on their yearly salary. Types of certifications include web development, cybersecurity, robotic process automation (RPA), AI and machine learning, and cloud computing.  

A day in the life as a data scientist can be very exciting, as data scientists are responsible for many crucial developments in various industries, such as fraud detection in finance, drug discovery in healthcare, managing inventory, and analyzing customer purchasing behaviors in retail, and predictive maintenance in manufacturing. 

As the world becomes increasingly data-driven, data scientists will remain integral to enhancing business decisions and driving innovation by using statistical and analytical techniques to process and interpret data.

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