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Building a successful Managed Services Provider (MSP) or Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) business is challenging, and over the decades, new technologies, new processes and new business practices have come and gone. 

One of the most fundamental choices that a successful managed services provider makes, is the stack they use to run their security services. And the most fundamental component of any stack has always been the SIEM. 

MSSPs fully understand this, and for years many MSPs have avoided a SIEM as legacy SIEMs built a reputation as giant databases of logs that required expert security analysts to query and derivative value from. 

Legacy SIEM and even their new incarnation as “Next-Gen SIEM” - continue to add weight and cost to a team without truly adapting to today’s zero-day threat world and expanding attack surfaces. 

In this easy to reference SIEM Buyer’s Guide, MSPs can learn about the required features, evaluation criteria and questions to ask a SIEM vendor.