SANS First Look: Zero Networks Segment

Published on
17/10/2023 11:07 AM
zero networks

Zero trust architecture has gained prominence in the realm of cybersecurity, emphasizing the importance of microsegmentation and zero trust network access (ZTNA) for comprehensive security. The integration of these two solutions holds the promise of preventing or mitigating attacks, especially those reliant on lateral movement within an organization. Nonetheless, these initiatives are not without their concerns, stemming from the fine balance between security and user convenience. Among these solutions, microsegmentation stands out as challenging yet highly rewarding.

A noteworthy addition to the landscape is Zero Networks Segmentâ„¢, an integral part of the Zero Networks platform. This innovative microsegmentation solution simplifies the management of host-based firewalls and automates real-time policy enforcement. What sets Segment apart is its agentless approach, facilitating seamless integration into active environments with minimal resource overhead. Furthermore, it offers granular multi-factor authentication (MFA) enforcement across both IT and OT networks.

Initial assessments of Segment's capabilities reveal its potential to empower organizations in safeguarding all forms of system and resource access, including remote access. Particularly, it excels in implementing robust lateral movement blocks, thus thwarting attackers or ensuring that privileged and non-privileged accounts can only access the appropriate resources. By providing an effective, host-based zero trust solution, Segment contributes significantly to the overarching objective of enhancing security in complex organizational landscapes.