Resecurity: Ransomware Attacks against the Energy Sector on the Rise - Nuclear and Oil & Gas are Major Targets in 2024

Published on
01/12/2023 11:07 AM
resecurity ransonware attacks energy sector

In the wake of the MOVEit Transfer supply-chain extortion campaign, which has so far claimed over 2,180 victims, 2023 may be the most profitable year ever for ransomware actors.

And with no clear end to the Israeli-Hamas and Russo-Ukrainian conflicts in sight, Ransomware attacks are becoming increasingly prevalent in the U.S. and globally, making the threat of ransomware higher than ever before.

As we head into 2024, Resecurity has identified an alarming rise in ransomware operators targeting the energy sector, including nuclear facilities and related research entities. Resecurity's latest whitepaper examines this growing threat for energy companies.

This whitepaper provides:

  • A timeline of significant energy-sector ransomware attacks over the last year
  • Present HUNTER research on Dark Web solicitations for energy-sector access
  • Findings from Resecurity’s ransom negotiations with threat actor Black Basta